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HPIR includes 
22 regional health plans, representing over 
30 million lives

About HPIR

Our Health Plan Innovation Roundtable (HPIR) is a collaborative group of regional health plans and innovation accelerator.  This is an opportunity to streamline innovation efforts into a sustainable and proactive process that incorporates our leading employer insights to identify and prioritize emerging solutions for partnerships.  Our coalition model fosters a collaborative environment to share peer-to-peer learnings and accelerate innovation efforts.


We intentionally design the cohort to be small and diverse while ensuring that there is no geographic overlap among members so that we can build trusted relationships and foster an intimate, nimble and highly collaborative forum.

Member Value

Intimate and collaborative forum to network and share challenges/ideas with a nimble group of progressive peers

Leverage the HPIR innovation model to streamline your team's efforts and numerous one-off vendor requests and interactions into a centralized and repeatable process

Opportunity to proactively address emerging trends and engage with the innovative solutions gaining the most interest from leading employers to further differentiate your value proposition in your market

Member Commitment

Decision-maker engagement in our innovation process and participation in our Spring and Fall meetings

Commitment to explore pilot implementations  with one or more new solutions each year

Willingness to share results and learnings from recent implementations with the group

Interested in becoming a member of HPIR?

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