Novel Coronavirus


A Brief Review from CMO OnDemand

The current Coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease, 2019) is a rapidly evolving and dynamic situation, with a significant number of unknowns and uncertainty in important areas of the science. The full impact of the outbreak and the public health implications are inherently unpredictable and have not been determined. The information which follows is intended to be a brief summary of key points regarding the current outbreak, learnings from similar past outbreaks relevant for employers, and recommendations for reliable resources on this topic for EHIR members and their colleagues. 

This document was authored by Dr. Tom Fariss and Dr. Clarion Johnson, members of the CMO OnDemand panel as well as Brock Anderson, the Executive Director of CMO OnDemand. For more information reach out to or +1 (406) 581 8710.


Employer learnings from previous pandemics

Recommended resources for employers

Key considerations for employers

About COVID-19 and Coronaviruses

Who should be concerned?

Transmission and protection

Symptoms and signs of COVID-19 infection

Key uncertainties and important unanswered questions

CMO OnDemand Panel

EHIR members can now access corporate medical directors through its new CMO onDemand service. The CMO OnDemand panel consists of experienced medical directors with extensive experience leading multinational organizations including American Express, Exxon Mobil, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Sutter Health, and the University of California.

Chief Medical Officer Panelists

Clarion E. Johnson, M.D.
Fikry W. Isaac, M.D.
T. Warner Hudson, M.D.
Wayne N. Burton, M.D.
Tom Fariss, M.D.
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