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Spring Submission Window Dates 
November 28- December 20

Business Conference

About EHIR®

EHIR was started nearly a decade ago out of a need for objective support in identifying and assessing emerging solutions to sift through the noise and stay ahead of the curve amid a rapidly changing competitive landscape. EHIR provides a streamlined and efficient innovation intake and evaluation process along with valuable insights to the world's leading employers.

EHIR® Members

EHIR® brings together the country's largest and most progressive employers

We are an action-oriented, independent group built by employers for employers. The primary membership commitment is participation in our Spring and Fall meetings and willingness to implement new solutions and share results with the group. That's our differentiator and the key to advancing our shared mission.  

EHIR Members

What People Say


"I appreciate all the work you all do to bring us together in a ‘safe’ environment. You all have helped changed the dynamics amongst employers to such an open forum and I congratulate you all on that! Feels very different from ‘back in the day’."

- Spring 2021 EHIR Roundtable Attendee

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