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Fireside Chat

Preparing for the Future of Healthcare in the Age of Disruption.

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We are sharing insights from our recent fireside chat on how innovative health solutions are thinking about the future of healthcare and the near term impact on their organizations (and yours).


Here are a few topics we covered on the call:


  • AI Disruption – How innovators are leveraging this powerful new technology to build more consumer–centric models of care, and what are the limits?

  • Health Equity – Why every solution has a part to play in making the healthcare system more accessible and equitable, and how progress can deliver returns for employer health plans AND broader workforce initiatives. 

  • Value-Based Care Models – How innovators are strategically working with both health plans AND providers to optimize value-based care for their members

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Innovation Roundtable is a community that connects the largest, most progressive companies with cutting edge digital technology solutions. Through curated roundtables, a curated group of the world's leading technology solutions are selected and invited to present live to leaders from F500 organizations. It is the #1 way for early-stage companies to accelerate into the enterprise world.

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