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Submission window closes for PHIR on February 23

About EHIR®

Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR®) is a coalition of the largest and most progressive employers collectively representing over 8M lives. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovation for the sake of improving employee health, wellness and productivity. We hold a series of events (Spring and Fall) where we curate innovative companies to pitch their solutions to our private group of employer decision makers. 


EHIR® grew out of a need for objective support in identifying and assessing the most promising emerging solutions and their impact on employee population health. Through our collaborative model, EHIR® has been providing a streamlined innovation process and valuable insights to leading employers for the last 5 years. Our members find great value in the opportunity to share learnings and best practices with an intimate group of highly engaged peers.

EHIR® Members

EHIR® brings together the country's largest and most progressive employers

We are an action-oriented, independent group built by employers for employers. The primary membership commitment is participation in our Spring and Fall meetings and willingness to implement new solutions and share results with the group. That's our differentiator and the key to advancing our shared mission.  


What People Say

"This was a fantastic opportunity to meet with key decision makers at employers who are focused on bringing innovative solutions that deliver valuable benefits to employees."

- Lynn Hamilton

Chief Commercial Officer


The Process

Launching tomorrow’s greatest health innovators

The EHIR® is an incredible opportunity to pitch your project to multiple fortune 100 companies in one meeting.

The process is simple

You submit your solution, members of the roundtable vote on their top 8-10, and those 8-10 innovators present live to the members of the EHIR®.


Innovators Submit

Innovators (any company, from startup to multinational) submit their concepts through the

Members Vote

The EHIR® employer members

votes on the top 8-10 startups to present at the live meeting.



Innovators Present

Innovators present live (25 minutes including Q&A) at the EHIR board meeting


Employers select companies for due diligence, exploration, and prototyping when appropriate



Employers share results

Employers present results to the Roundtable

EHIR® Model

Created by employers, for employers, together we can find and accelerate solutions to help our employees live their best health.

Self-insured employers are facing increased pressure to improve the health and productivity of their employees. Finding innovative solutions to improve population health is not only difficult but time consuming. To help speed up the search process and obtain peer reviewed recommendations, we will provide a rapid pilot/prototype process to quickly test and evaluate new start-up companies in the areas of population health.


Rather than meet one-on-one with startup companies we have decided to meet as a group, twice a year, and curate the best of the best startup companies. Our goal is for each employer to choose one company a year to rapidly prototype their solution and bring their findings back to the group. The biannual meeting format allows us to be incredibly efficient with our time and to learn from each other. Each member of the roundtable has the authority to green light a project, hence our goal is for rapid prototyping and deployment of innovation.