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Submission Details

EHIR is committed to accelerating the adoption of innovation to improve employee health, wellness and productivity. The primary way that we do this is by hosting Roundtables twice per year (Spring and Fall) for voted-in Innovators to present to one or more Cohorts of our Employer, Health Plan, Inclusion & Diversity, Legal Tech, Marketing Tech, Provider Health, and Procurement. 

New Platform, Same Mission

We’ve got big news! We’ve launched our brand new platform, and we can’t wait to show you. 

If you're new here, simply follow the instructions below: 


  1. Logging into our NEW Innovation Roundtable Platform and creating a Product Profile 

  2. Submitting for the event(s) of interest 

If your company has an existing profile or has submitted before, don’t worry, we still have all of your information. Follow the steps below to access: 


  1. Head over to our new platform to log in. 

    • All of your company, user, and product data from ehir.io will be carried over to the new platform. 

    • The only thing that you will have to do is to create a new password using your existing email address and clicking “forgot password”. 

  2. Update your team users. 

    • Please note, each team member will have to register separately.

    • If you are an admin, you can register yourself first and will be able to select communication preferences for the users on your team– you can also remove contacts that no longer need access. 

  3. Clean up your product profiles

    • Remove old product profiles that are no longer relevant to your company.


The next submission window will open for our upcoming events in 2024. Innovators are encouraged to create a product profile in our NEW Innovation Roundtable Platform and follow us on LinkedIn for updates on key deadlines. 


Fall Submission Window Dates

EHIR: May 20-June 4
HPIR: June 3-June 21
PHIR: June 17-July 11
IDIR: June 24-July 17
MTIR: June 10-July 1
LTIR: May 28-June20
PIR US/EMEA: June 17-July 8


There is no cost to submit. Innovators can apply to any or all delegations (Employers, Health Plans, Inclusion & Diversity, Legal Tech, Marketing Tech, Procurement, Provider Health) of interest. Submission windows have a specific open and close date.


Following submission, Members of each Cohort vote independently. Innovators with the top scores will be invited to present. If selected, there is a presentation fee per Cohort meeting. This fee includes prep time with the EHIR team, a coaching session with one of our expert advisors, as well as a presentation to the selected Cohort. 


Following presentations, Members will have the opportunity to “match” with each presenting Innovator. Matches will be introduced via email the week after the Roundtable takes place. 


For all other questions, please review our Innovator FAQ. Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at Innovators@ehir.com

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