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Marketing Tech Innovation Roundtable

Fall 2023 Submission Window Dates
July 13 - August 7

Fall 2023 Roundtable
October 10, 2023 | Chicago, IL

Interested in pitching at our upcoming 

For more information, join our weekly Innovator Information Session Tuesdays at 10:00am CST or email us at: mtir.innovators@world50.com.

What is MTIR?

The Marketing Tech Innovation Roundtable (MTIR) a private invitation only community for senior marketing leaders from globally respected organizations to share and collaborate in a private environment designed to accelerate technological innovation within their specific job function. Members are connected virtually throughout the year and convene twice annually in person with a highly curated list of cutting edge solutions to help enable growth and transformation for their team and department. 


Interested in pitching your solution at our Spring Roundtable? It's free to apply! 

Member Commitment


Executive level engagement in our innovation process and participation in our Spring & Fall Roundtables


Commitment to explore at least one new solution each year through our matchmaking process


Willingness to share results and learn from recent implementations with the group

MTIR Members

How it Works


The first step in the process is to carefully vet and curate a list of innovative solutions that meet our MTIR Member priorities. To do this, we solicit “innovator” submissions twice per year in anticipation of our Fall and Spring Roundtables. Incoming innovators are invited to share key details related to their solution, stage and ability to deploy to an MTIR Member. 


MTIR Members are organized into specific Cohorts. These carefully crafted peer groups meet twice per year (Spring and Fall) to collaborate and hear from voted-in innovators in a “shark-tank” style presentation format. 


Matchmaking is a key part of the MTIR process. A “match” is a member-initiated relationship with an innovator. It is an invitation to continue the conversation about how a specific solution could fit with a specific employer. Following a match request, the MTIR team will send a warm introduction connecting leadership on both sides. 


MTIR Members share learnings, reference checks, and questions to accelerate high value emerging solutions.


To submit for MTIR consideration, please complete the submission form by clicking the button below. There is no cost to submit. Following submission, our curation team will carefully review and score each solution.

Fall 2023 submission window is July 17-August 7, 2023.

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