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About Trusted Partner Network

The EHIR trusted partner network is a group of industry leading solutions that support our academy, innovator, and alumni communities. 


Our workshops are one of the ways in which we aim to educate & accelerate innovator teams into the Employer, Health Plan & Provider markets. We know that the deep expertise from our partners that specialize in supporting high-growth companies can be hugely valuable to your team as you grow and scale. 


Our innovator, academy, and alumni teams will have exclusive access to sessions highlighting timely and relevant topics with our partners at CertifyOS, DRI, and Finch–leaders in credentialing, hiring and talent retention, and HR platform integration.


Check out the dates below and mark your calendars for our next workshop

Mark Your Calendars

April 8
Spring Innovator Presenters
June 17
July 15
October 21
Fall Innovator Presenters
December 9

Get to Know Your Trusted Partners

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