About EHIR®

EHIR was started over 5 years ago out of a need for objective support in identifying and assessing emerging solutions to sift through the noise and stay ahead of the curve amid a rapidly changing competitive landscape. EHIR has provided a streamlined process and valuable insights to leading employers for the last 5 years.

Our Team

Joshua Riff
Founder & Chairman
Michael Laquere
Paul Sterling
Katie Tenney
Chief of Staff
Samantha Yapp
VP of Marketing and Events
Sally Welborn
Executive Director Advisory Services
Barry Hall
Executive Director of CMOD
Erin Jennings
Project Manager
Emily Hanson
Head of Innovator Relations
Lawrence Leisure
Co-Founder & Board Member
Jeannette Abbott
Member Engagement Specialist
Elle Kehoe
Director of Events & Partnerships
Sean Saperstein
Product Manager
Natasha Coult
Advisory Services Consultant
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Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovation to improve the health, wellness and productivity of our employees.

Our Advisors

Advisory Board

Brooke Brownlow
Matt Morrison
Nathan Counts
Hassan Azar
Sonja Kellen
Jason Parrott
Eric Thome
Rich Krutsch
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Benefits Leaders

Sally Welborn
Barbara Wachsman
Bob Ihrie
Roger D. Chizek, MBA
Tami Graham
Brian DeVore
Marty Webb
Mike Adams
Barry Hall
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Chief Medical Officers

Clarion E. Johnson, M.D.
Fikry W. Isaac, M.D.
T. Warner Hudson, M.D.
Wayne N. Burton, M.D.
Tom Fariss, M.D.
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Health Plan Leaders

Brad Fluegel
Jimmy Lee
Matt Wandoloski
Richard Montwill
Martha Temple
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