Health Plan

Innovation Roundtable

Spring Meeting - Cohort 1

April 22 - 23, 2020   |   Seattle, WA


What People Say

"This was a fantastic opportunity to meet with key decision makers at employers who are focused on bringing innovative solutions that deliver valuable benefits to employees."

- Lynn Hamilton

Chief Commercial Officer



Innovators Submit

Innovators (any company, from startup to multinational) submit their concepts through the

Members Vote

The EHIR employer members votes on the top 8-10 startups to present at the live meeting.



Innovators Present

Innovators present live (30 minutes including Q&A) at the EHIR board meeting


Employers select companies for due diligence, exploration, and prototyping when appropriate



Employers share results

Employers present results to the Roundtable



We offer category reviews and deep dives to help employers better understand and quickly evaluate the landscape of new and emerging solutions to best address their priority challenges.


We offer a number of services (Listening Tour, Onsite Immersions, Webinar Series) to help innovators better understand and navigate the employer and health plan markets, provide critical feedback to early stage solutions and help identify initial discovery partners.


We support the due diligence process by providing market feedback to help identify and de-risk potential investments.

Sally Welborn
Barbara Wachsman
Bob Ihrie
Hassan Azar Headshot copy2
Roger D. Chizek, MBA
Tami Graham
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Clarion E. Johnson, M.D.
Fikry W. Isaac, M.D.
T. Warner Hudson, M.D.
Wayne N. Burton, M.D.
Tom Fariss M.D.
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Brad Fluegel
Jimmy Lee
Matt Wandoloski
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